Tri-Coaching UK offers training plans for triathlon and endurance racing to athletes of all levels and abilities. We provide the tools you need to become a better triathlon or endurance sport athlete

Coaching plans are not just for the elite.  Tri-Coaching UK has affordable plans which will help you achieve your aims by offering structured, goal orientated training.  To get the most out of your training and perform at your best, we recognise that sessions also need to be fun!  If you enjoy your training, you are more likely to train and perform well.  Tri-Coaching UK will try to ensure you have as much fun as you can - whilst working hard and achieving your goals.

Tri-Coaching UK’s head coach is Martin Bay.  He has over 8 years experience of competing at triathlon and has raced in all distances including Ironman.

Martin is a level 3 BTF coach and is a resident coach with East London Triathletes, Swim for Tri and the University of East London Triathletes.  His clients have included GB age groupers as well as club Triathletes and he has coached all distances from sprint through to Iron man.

Martin also works with Swim for Tri and over the past 2 years has coached both open water and one to one pool based sessions.

Tri-Coaching UK’s Philosophy:

We recognise that everyone is an individual with their own goals and aspirations.  We harness people’s goals and aspirations; we listen to our clients and work with them to ensure that they achieve their potential and reach their goals - whilst having fun along the way.

Want to be the best you can?  Then Tri-Coaching UK can help you achieve this.

There is more to life than Triathlon – but it is a good place to start!